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Patents on ingestable dental preparations


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Alvaro Francisco Carlos REYNOSO, of Paris, France: "Improvement in medical compounds",  US Patent 146,781; filed Jan. 16, 1874, patented Jan. 27, 1874; ("Elixir" and "Sirup" containing fluorides of either potassium, sodium or ammonium; "elixir" is "invigorating, nutritious, and complemental to food", "fluorated sirup" is "...for infants at the period when the bones and teeth are in process of formation"; also contains "sugar in sufficient quantity"). Reynoso was a Cuban scientist who lived for many years in France.


Johann A. WÜLFING Company, of Berlin, Germany: "Verfahren zur Herstellung leicht resorbierbarer Fluorpräparate", German Patent (DE) 222,716; filed June 29, 1909, patented June 2, 1910; (Patent is based upon early European work, especially experiments carried out by the chemist Deninger (1896). It is claimed that there´s generally not enough fluoride in a normal diet. To produce an easily absorbable fluoride preparation the company precipitates calcium fluoride (using sodium fluoride plus a calcium salt) together with a protein like egg-white, albumin, casein, to which it becomes adsorbed on co-precipitation.)


Emil LANGER, of Wien, Austria: "Verfahren zur Herstellung leicht löslicher, haltbarer Desinfektionsmittel zur Bereitung von Mund- und Spülwasser unter Verwendung von Natriumfluorid und Natriumsiliciumfluorid", German Patent (DE) 281,148; filed Nov. 28, 1911, patented Dec. 14, 1914;  (a mouthwash and disinfectant made of sodium fluoride or sodium fluosilicate; tablets of 0.6 g each, containing 30 parts soda, 15 parts sodium fluoride or sodium fluosilicate, 15 parts tartaric acid, and essential oils to give them some taste: "... simply let the tablets slowly dissolve in the mouth as sodium fluoride and sodium fluosilicate are not toxic to humans ...", the patent says.)


Lecinwerk Dr. E. LAVES, Hannover, Germany: "Verfahren zur Herstellung kolloidallöslicher Fluorcalcium-Amylodrextrinpräparate", German Patent DE 325,561; filed March 12, 1919; patented Sept. 13, 1920  (calcium fluoride preparation made by precipitation from a mixture of sodium fluoride, calcium chloride and amylodextrin; for therapeutic and bakery technical use)


Philip Adolph KOBER, Evanston, Illinois, assignor to G. D. Searle & Company, of Chicago, Illinois, a corporation of Illinois: "Mineral Food Composition and Process of Making Same", US Patent (US) 1,813,936; filed May 19, 1927, patented July 14, 1931 (a calcium, magnesium and phosphate preparation as a food supplement, also containing 350 mg NaF per 1,624 g of the product).


Reinhol GRUETER, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany: "Herstellung von Zubereitungen, die Calciumfluorid in leichter resorbierbarer Form enthalten", German Patent DE 695,874; filed October 22, 1935; patented August 8, 1940 (a preparation containing calcium fluoride made from sodium fluoride and a calcium phosphate)


Lyon P. STREAN, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, assignor, by mesne assignments, to Ayerst, McKenna and Harrison Limited, New York, N.Y.: "Oral fluoride-vitamin preparation", US Patent 2,449,184;  filed March 8, 1944; patented Sept. 14, 1948 (calcium fluoride - containing preparation for the formation of fluor-apatite in bones and teeth; author refers to Deaf Smith County where a low prevalence of caries has been reported, and claims "the same is generally true with regard to the prevalence of rickets.")


Charles H. ELBREDER and Edward J. ROSS, St. Louis, Mo., assignors to Charles J. Nemanick, St. Louis, Mo., "Therapeutic Composition", US Patent 2,967,131; filed Feb. 8, 1954, patented Jan. 3, 1961 (water-treating fluoride tablets)


Riyad R. IRANI, assignor to Monsanto Company: "Fluoridation", US Patent 3,279,992; filed May 18, 1962; pat. Oct. 18, 1966 (fluoridated table salt)


Gert-Ulfert HEESE, of München, Gerhard Ferdinand SCHNEIDER, of Haar, Fritz STANISLAUS, of München, Dietrich HENSCHLER, of Würzburg, Germany: "Orale Arzneimittel für die Kariesprophylaxe", German Patent DE 3,127,984, filed July 15, 1981, patented Febr. 3, 1982


Gunnar ABERG, Thomas Patrick JERUSSI, John R. McCULLOUGH, assignors to Sepracor Inc., Marlborough, Mass.: "NSAID / Fluoride periodontal compositions and methods", US Patent 5,807,541; filed Apr. 22, 1996; pat. Sept. 15, 1998 ("It is also known that under certain circumstances sodium fluoride and fluoroaluminates can activate G proteins and thereby induce prostaglandin production in endothelial cells and leukotriene production in platelets, granulocytes and monocytes. The metabolites of arachidonic acid have been implicated as important biochemical mediators of tissue destruction in various inflammatory diseases. ... We have found that fluoride, in the concentration range in which it is emplyed for the prevention of dental caries, stimulates the production of prostaglandins and thereby exacerbates the inflammatory response in gingivitis and periodontitis. The present invention is a method for preventing dental caries by administering a fluoride salt into the oral cavity while at the same time controlling periodontal bone loss by administering, in addition to the fluoride salt, an amount of an NSAID sufficient to inhibit the production of prostaglandins induced by the fluoride." NSAID = Non-steroidal aniti-inflammatory drug)